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LOCATION:  Clackamas Cove is a mostly-enclosed still-water cove of the Clackamas River just north of downtown Oregon City.  The expected water temperature is 61-68 degrees Fahrenheit (cool water by usual Oregon racing standards) and will be posted at the venue on race day, and emailed to participants the day before.  You can decide on whether to wear a wetsuit on the day-of the event. 

ACCESSIBILITY:  There is an unpaved path from the paved bike trail to the water.  The path to the water is uneven and has a steep (6-10%) grade. The route to the race start is not wheelchair accessible, but there will be a viewing point close to the registration table to view the event. 

DIRECTIONS: Navigate to 16350 Main St, Oregon City, OR 97045, which is the gravel parking lot next to the bike trail and cove.

PARKING:  There will be designated event parking spaces, with no parking fee. Parking on Main Street or in the nearby Clackamette Cove is strictly prohibited, and will result in the city pulling our event permit and shutting the event down. Please park in the designated event parking areas at 16350 Main St. Oregon City, in the gravel lots as directed by a volunteer.


  • Swimmers MUST follow all announced safety rules without exception, under penalty of disqualification.

  • Swim Safety:  All swims will be unescorted.  Spotters in safety boats will monitor the entire course in zone coverage.  Swimmers must wear a brightly-colored swim cap of their choice (such as team caps!), have their race number on their arms (or hands when wearing sleeved wetsuits), and provide their emergency contact information with entry.

  • Land Safety:  Basic first aid supplies & treatment will be available.  EMTs will be on call.

SWIMS (in order):  

  • 4000-meter (2.4-mile) Swim:  Four loops counterclockwise around our 1000-meter polygonal course.

  • 2000-meter (1.2-mile) Swim:   Two loops counterclockwise around our 1000-meter polygonal course.

TRIATHLETES:  We have selected the race distances with you in mind.  Join us and test your swim pacing!

  • 4000-meters is very close to 2.4-miles, the swim distance in full Ironman triathlons.

  • 2000-meters is very close to 1.2-miles, the swim distance in Half-Ironman triathlons.

SWIM SCHEDULE (subject to change due to conditions):

  6:00am     Volunteers/Event Crew finish setting up course

  7:15am      Check-in OPENS for all swims

  7:45am     Warm-up begins

  8:00am     Check-in CLOSES for 4000-meter (2.4-mile) swim

  8:15am     Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 4000-meter (2.4-mile) swim

  8:30am     Start of 4000-meter (2.4-mile) swim

  10:00am   4000m cut off (start your 3rd lap by 10 am)

  10:30am    Check-in CLOSES for 2000-meter (1.2-mile) swim

  10:45am    Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 2000-meter (1.2-mile) swim

  11:00am     Start of 2000-meter (1.2-mile) swim


ELIGIBILITY:  Open only to adults (18 years of age or older on the day of the event) who are current USMS members or foreign equivalents.  


AGE DETERMINING DATE:  The swimmer’s age as of December 31, 2024, will determine the age group according to USMS rule 301.4.


RULES:  Current USMS rules will govern this event.  Under penalty of disqualification, swimmers may not make deliberate contact with craft, craft operators, and/or any physical features on or near the course during the swim.


SWIMWEAR:  Current USMS swimwear rules will govern this event.

  • Category I & II suits will be tabulated separately for placement.   See the event website for swimwear category details.

    • Due to expected water temperatures, we expect most swimmers to use wetsuits, which are Category II swimwear.  Swimmers who choose non-thermal swimwear MUST certify with their entry that they have practiced sufficient cold-water thermal adaptation before this event.

  • All swimmers may choose to wear their own Safety Tow Buoy for identification and safety.  These are defined as inflatable, tethered to the waist, and towed no farther behind than mid-calf to avoid tangling with other swimmers. 

    • Swimmers wearing Safety Tow Buoys will be tabulated in Category II for placement according to USMS rule 303.4.3D.

  • Fins will be allowed for this event, as a separate category.  No other devices, such as paddles or snorkels, will be allowed.  


CONSOLIDATED EVENT:  All swims will be conducted seeded as a single swim without regard to swimmer gender, age, or swimwear category.  Places, awards, and published results for the 2000 & 4000-meter events shall be separate for each age group and swimwear category (non-wetsuit, wetsuit, and fins).


QUALIFYING TIME:  Swimmers who cannot swim 1650-yards (1500-meters) in 40 minutes are not advised to enter these events due to the anticipated water temperatures.  For the 4000m event, swimmers who have not started their final lap at or 1 hour, 30 minute mark will be asked to stop their swim after completing their 3rd lap.  



  • There will be spotters provided in a designated area close to shore for supervised warm-up & warm-down.  Choosing to swim elsewhere in the cove is at the swimmer’s own risk.  

  • Please warm up before the pre-race instructions, as swimmers go directly from meeting to marshaling to racing!


STARTS & SEEDING:  Both swims will use a mass start, unless the entry size dictates using waves for safety reasons. 


ABANDONMENT:  In the event of abandonment (usually a thunderstorm), we will make a decision based on safety.  If there is inclement weather, we will try to postpone the start of the swim until the risk has passed.  




REGISTRATION—ONLINE ONLY: Online entries must be received by Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 4:59 PM PST.  No race-day entries will be permitted.


ENTRY LIMITS:  The entire event—including both swims—is limited to the first 100 registrants.  We will maintain a waiting list if early registrants drop out early enough to notify others.


ENTRY FEE:  One swim is $50 and two swims are $80.  This includes the $5 Oregon Masters Sanction Surcharge. 


EVENT CANCELLATION POLICY: Swimmers who choose not compete, or who do not complete the swim, are not eligible for refunds. If the swim is canceled up to 60 days prior to race day, 50% of entry fees will be refunded. If the swim is canceled less than 60 days prior to race day, no fees will be refunded.




DIRECTIONS:  Clackamas Cove, which is just north of downtown Oregon City. (16350 Main St, Oregon City, OR 97045)


PARKING: There is nearby car parking close to the swim site, with no parking fee.  Carpooling to the swim is highly encouraged, as parking is limited.  LINK TO PARKING PLAN


Volunteers will help participants park by filling each lot from the back to the center based on the parking plan.

It is critical that no participants or volunteers park at the Clackamette RV Park area - parking at Clackamette Park is prohibited for this event.  Street parking on Main St. on the north or south side of the rotary is prohibited.


RESULTS:  Will be posted at the race venue promptly after each swim and at after the event.

OREGON OPEN WATER SERIES:  Both swims count towards the cumulative season series.  

  • Both swims in Category I & II swimwear are featured swims.  Both swims in the ‘Just for Fun’ category are participation swims.

  • If the water temperature is under 68 degrees F. (which we expect), there will be no points difference between Categories I & II for the season series.


See for full details of the Oregon Open Water Series.



  • Special surprise! Stick around to find out! 

SOUVENIRS:  Everyone receives a commemorative vinyl sticker from the event!

HOT DRINKS:  We’ll have a beverage vendor for hot water and other drinks to help keep you warm before & after swims.  


Daniela Klaz (, 317-789-5694)

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