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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does each swimmer have their own escort kayaker?

No, there will be spotters on the course helping all participants stay on the route and monitor the field for safety.

2. Can I get out if I get too tired or cold? 

The course is a 1000m loop, so you can end your swim early by not starting another loop.  There is only one safe exit point, which is where the swim starts.  If you're having trouble continuing to swim, signal your distress to a course monitor and they will assist you.

3. Are wetsuits required? 

Temperatures are usually between 61-68 degrees mid-June.  We will email water temp info leading up to the event so you can decide what's best for you.  Wetsuits are not required. You can decide on whether you wear one for the race the morning of. 

4. What if the weather is bad? 

The swim will take place in most conditions, except for dense fog, extreme wind, storms, and lightning.  If there is bad weather before the swim, we will delay the start or make the decision to cancel the swim.  Safety of all participants and volunteers is our highest priority. 

5. Can spectators watch the race? 

Yes! There are several great viewing spots around the Cove.  Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs or sitting blankets. 

6. Can we do the event as a relay? 

Not at this time.  The event is open to solo swimmers only. 

7. Where should I park my car? 

Please park in designated event parking areas only.  Do NOT park at the nearby Clackamette Park - that will force our event to be shut down.  Navigate to 16350 Main St, Oregon City, OR 97045 and a volunteer will help direct you.  If possible, please consider carpooling to the event. 

8. Will I have to run into the water?  

No, the swim will have wave in-water starts.

9. Can I wear fins?

Yes, swimmers who use fins will be ranked in a "fins" category. 

10. Do I have to wear a swim cap? 

Yes, all swimmers will be required to wear a bright colored swim cap.  Please do not wear a white, blue, or dark swim cap.  You are welcome to wear your own latex, silicone, or lycra swim cap.

11. Do I have to be a competitive swimmer to participate? 

No, we only ask that you can swim 1650-yards (1500-meters) in 40 minutes or less.  Swimmers on the 4000-meter course longer than 1 hour 45 minutes may be stopped and listed as DNF/DQ in the results. 

12. Can I wear my buoy/tow float? 

All swimmers may choose to wear their own Safety Tow Buoy for identification and safety.  These are defined as inflatable, tethered to the waist, and towed no farther behind than mid-calf to avoid tangling with other swimmers.  


13. Can I swim both events on the same day?

Yes! You're welcome to sign up for both or either event.  Upon registering, please indicate whether you'll be competing in 1 or both swims.  

14. Can I switch from one event to the other? 

If you made an error upon registration, please contact the Race Director at  If you decide to switch events the day-of, you can only swap individual events, not add an event on.  

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